Align peace, harmony and productivity

Being productive is one of the most important thing in (many) peoples lives. To this end, we have seen a massive increase in the number of tools available, that have been designed to help us achieving better, more fulfilling lives. I personally would have used used over 50 such productivity tool and calendars in the past. To add to this I was an absolute nut when it came to paper planners. I used to easily spend hundreds of dollars a year on planners, accessories, stationery and stickers. 

Then came an unexpected change, I was gifted a digital planner from a friend a couple of years ago and although I was initially a bit hesitant and doubtful if it would ever replace my paper journalling habit, I gave it a go. I soon became more and more proficient with the digital planner and started using the paper planner less and less. The convenience and efficiency of the digital planner even made me stop using my productivity apps. I found that digital planning provided me with the smoothest blend between the joys of journalling (without the cost) and the productivity that I craved for.

I feel the reason digital planning is such a success is that it managed to tap into one key benefit of paper planners, which is actually the act of writing things down. Typing has become so second nature to us that, information retention whilst typing is nearly non existent. However, when we write things down we engage more with the information we are entering. It helps us in retaining information better and motivates us into achieving goals. 

I have designed a digital planning system that has not only space for you to write down info in regards to your month, week and day but also other various aspects of your life such as wellness, nutrition, fitness, finance and so much more. Having all of the various aspects of your life located in one planner makes you super efficient and more likely to achieve the various goals you set in your life. 


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Featured on CNN's Underscored  as the best digital planner to use for 2021

Completely Dated

The planning system comes completely dated which allows you to easily access the various days of the particular year. Examples of the main dated pages are as follows: 

Monthly - Get a macro view of our entire month in one glance. It is the control point through which you can easily access both your weeks and days. You can access the various months of the year by clicking on the tabs located on the right hadn't side of the planner. 

Weekly - Plan out, schedule and prioritise thing in your week by accessing the weekly pages by clicking on the weekly numbers that are located on either the monthly page or the daily pages.

Daily - Get micro with your planning by effectively utilising the daily page. The daily page is designed to capture may of the aspects of your daily life on one hyper efficient page. Access the daily pages from both the monthly and weekly pages..

Review & Reflect 

Self reflection is so vital in helping you find consistency, meaning and value in your life and it is very important that you set aside time to do so every day. On top of the mental and growth benefits, extensive research has shown that spending even 10 to 15 minutes of reflection a day will lead to a huge increase in the productivity of that person. 

I am a strong advocate of self reflection and it is the primary reason why you will find reflection and review prompts and space on each daily, weekly and month

Goal Setting

Setting goals is important in giving your life focus, measuring progress, staying motivated and ultimately in reaching a better level of life. 

The digital planning system understands this importance and has been carefully designed to provide you with a multitude of goal setting pages to ensure that you can reach towards whichever goals you set for yourself.


The digital planning system at last check boasts over 55 templates categorised into Finance, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Productivity and others. These templates will allow you to record and track a multitude of aspects of your life, ensuring that you are able to maintain a healthy balance all in one easy to access location. The system is constantly evolving through careful research to ensure that it is always capturing the latest tools to help you achieve a more satisfactory lifestyle.

6 Planners

One size doesn't always fit all and that's why this digital planning system comes with 3 different weekly layouts each in a Monday and Sunday configuration. In this way you are afforded the fluidity to plan and design your planner as you see fit. The 3 weekly layouts are:

Weekly Scheduled - A vertical weekly layout with half hourly time slots.
Vertical Boxed
- A set of blank vertical boxes to plan your week.

Horizontal Boxed
- A set of blank horizontal boxes to plan your week.


As you would with a paper planner you can decorate and adorn your digital planner with colourful and vibrant stickers, the only difference in this case, being the stickers are in essence digital images. The stickers can be stored on your device and be reused over and over again. 

In the digital planning system you have been provided with 11'000 stickers (yes you read that right) in 7 beautiful color palettes. Goodnotes users also get an additional 7 goodnotes sticker books with a large number of the same stickers included in a goodnotes format for easy copying and pasting into your planner. 


Whatever you place on the front of your digital planner becomes its cover and also the thumbnail for the planner on certain apps such as Goodnotes. It is a simple yet beautiful way to take the personalisation of your planner one step further. 

This digital planning system contains 85 stunning cover options that will truly add an element of class and vibrancy to your planner. There are a variety of themes contained within the covers, so there is something for everyone.

Custom Sections

This digital planning system contains 7 hyperlinked sections which you can add from either the selection of templates or your own pages to make it an almost mini planner within the main planner. The possibilities for such a system are quite expansive and is only limited by your imagination.


There is a separate section for any projects that you may want to undertake. There are 12 hyperlinked project sub areas with project overview, meeting minutes and task trackers. Again you are able to add your own pages and turn the projects section into quite an expansive mini area within the main planner. The project section also contains a one page project overview page from where you are afforded a macro view of all 12 projects (if you have that many running) at once.

Note Templates

The planing system also has 10 note templates that you can replicate as many times as you need. You can use these note templates in any area of the planner that you see fit, therefore growing and moulding the planning system to what your individual needs are. 

pastel themed digital planning system

Key features of the planning system

✪   Fun, vibrant design modelled on a traditional paper planner

✪   25'000 Hyperlinks to make navigation buttery smooth

✪   Review & reflection system to help wellness & productivity 

✪   Goal setting system to aid in achieving your best life

✪   55 Templates in many key categories

✪   6 Planners - 3 weekly layout options in Monday & Sunday starts

✪   11'000 Digital stickers in 7 beautiful color palettes 

✪   7 Goodnotes sticker books

✪   85 Stunning covers to truly personalise your planner

✪   Projects section with space for 12 projects

✪   7 Custom hyperlinked sections

✪   10 Note templates to replicate endlessly according to your needs