Teacher Planner - Modern Pastel

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This teacher planner is an amazing tool for teachers regardless if you teach at school, university or college. It has plenty of space to help you track all your students across multiple classes and monitor those students performance across a variety of assessment criteria. On top of having the teacher centric content, it even has a complete digital planner as well, that helps you to find that perfect balance between your educational and personal life. This student planner was recognised by Rolling Stones magazine as being one of the best digital planners for organising your life.

Key Features

✪ 25'000 Hyperlinks to make navigation buttery smooth

✪ Extensive teacher section to help you with your teaching obligations

✪ Complete digital planner included as well

✪ Finance, Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness sections

✪ 3 weekly layout options in Monday starts

✪ 400 Digital stickers in 5 beautiful color palettes 

✪  Projects section with space for 9 projects

✪  7 Custom hyperlinked sections

✪  5 Note templates to replicate endlessly according to your needs


FITNESS - 4 Trackers

Goal tracker / 30 Day challenge / Daily workout log / Steps tracker

FINANCE - 5 Trackers

Yearly finance overview / Bank information / Savings tracker / Debt payoff / Monthly finance

NUTRITION - 4 Tracker

Recipe log / Groceries list / Kitchen inventory / Daily meal log

WELLNESS - 5 Trackers

Monthly sleep / Hydration tracker /  Habit tracker / Mood tracker / Vitamins & medication

Please Note 

The planner has been created to work on any PDF annotation app or software across multiple devices. However, I would personally recommend usage on an IPad with an apple pencil (or a stylus) and the use of either Goodnotes or Notability. Please note that this planner is not suitable for use on mobile phones nor for printing. Please note, this is a digital product and as such no physical product will be shipped.